Saturday, April 10, 2010

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Project Natal has a release date now!!! Yell unfortunetly its goin to be November 2010. If you haven't heard of Project Natal its basicly a control that uses nothing but your hands and no controler. Thats pretty dang awesome. Composer Shawn Lee talkes about Bully 2. Well if you like those games there you have it. Finally, Assassins Creed 2 is said to have strong Content. Well i dont want to talk about that because I dont really care, all I want to do play the game and now for The Wednsday video of the Day.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

News for 11/10/09

To start, Final Fantasy 13 is said to be shipped with beta keys for Final Fanatsy 14. On a personal note, I dont really like Final Fantasy because of one thing, its title. Sure the First game should have been called Final Fantasy but the next one was just called Final Fantasy 2 . So for 13 Final Fantasys, it really hasnt been your Final Fantasy. How can you have 13 of some thing that was finalized a long time ago [ I just said Final Fantasy 8 times including this one]. I dont want to talk about Final Fantasy anymore[9]. The date was released for the Borderlands DLC. The content will be here Novenber 24th for 9.99. It will include you killing zombies. OH MY GOSH, I'm so tired of stupid zombies. The new Avatar game will take place 2 years before the movie which is great because most movie based games suck. I'm going to laugh so hard at those smurphs on steroids if you know what I'm saying. E.A has financial problems. There sales were down by alot. If I was them, I would make Blits games alot more than I make Madden games. I really wrote alot today.


Monday, November 9, 2009

News for 11/09/09

To start today, I have very good news. Leaked Halo Reach Images have been posted. Not on my blog because I cant find them but I will try to get them as soon as possible. Now if only Microsoft can milk some of there other franchises. A Kane and Lynch dog days video has been posted for the sequel. This game has been in Development since October 2007 but we havent heard from it ever since. Oh, I have also been informed that Assassins Creed will be turned into a novel. The only thing that I have to say to that is what the hell.??? See you tommorow.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

News For 11/04/09

The petition for Modern Warfare 2 to have dedicated servers has been answered. And the Answer is.............. to bad!!! Infinity Ward said too bad because they want to test out the match maker server. Wow, what bastards. Guess what, bonus stages will be back in SUPER Street Fighter 4. If you haven't heard, SSF4 is being made. It will include the old car break bonus level and the barrel one. Finally, Braid will be coming to the PS3. Of course they traded with Microsoft. They said that this game was extremely popular. Yea, good trade, you just traded braid for Metal Gear Solid Rising and Final Fantasy 13 and you get Braid.............. genius, not really. Now for the Wednsday funny video of the day.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

News for 11/03/09

One the most classic games is said to have a sequel, you guessed it, DUKE NUKEM. Its rummored to be called The Manhatan Project. I've always thought he is cool so I'm exited. Some idiot is Joining Activision to help educate parents about games. I say Activision can go to hell as well as the idiot. Since when do parents have control over games??? Games are almost the only place where we can do whatever the heck we want!!! Anyways, Microsoft has released a rewards program for the 360. But Microsoft is only giving this to limited members. That includes getting memberships for Netflex and completing surveys. That almost makes up for paying $50 for a service that is free for every other Console. See you tommorow.